Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fire Protection and Adrian's Words of Wisdom

After surviving Saturday night's fire, I could hardly wait until the stores opened on Monday so that I could buy some "fire protection".

Attending and helping Patricia at her Sunday Soiree Dinner http://www.parissoirees.com/was a great way to finish the weekend. Paris is a great place to meet amazing people who are accomplishing and living out their life dreams. Many of the people I have meet, seem to have escaped the corporate "rat race" and are surviving in unique and fascinating lifestyles in Paris.

The guest speaker was Janet Hulstrand. I can now call her a friend since I finally met her in person a few weeks ago and I've also worked with her for almost a year through Adrian's newsletters.

Janet is living her dream in the French countryside of Essoyes, in the home that she purchased through Adrian Leeds. Janet has also started her school for writers in Essoyes and spoke about her upcoming workshop. You can read more about her here: http://www.winged-words.com/id11.html

Patricia cooked a wonderful meal for over 20 guests...everyone had a great time....still, I could hardly wait for Monday...

At Last, Fire Protection for my Cooking - Smoke Detector and Extinguisher

I can cook safely now that I have "Fire Protection". I can also sleep better at night..knowing that the smoke detector will let me know if there's anyone cooking with less skill and luck than I had.

Lastly, as always, I must share words of wisdom from Adrian: When she heard about my incident, she kindly shared a few more words of wisdom: "Florence, MICROWAVE POPCORN!" then she put her hands around my neck, squeezed and softly said, "Fire - No Air!"

She shook her head in amazement and disbelief, but was thankful I did not set the building on fire Saturday night. I'm sure she would have been one of the first persons notified. Once again, I am grateful the weekend ended nicely and it's the start of a new week.

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