Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Live and Let Live

This morning I decided that in my relationships with different people, Life will be so much smoother for me, if I can "Live and Let Live." I would have less emotional stress and distress, I would sleep better and accomplish more of the things I need to accomplish, because my mind would not be so preoccupied...

There are a few people I would like to change.
There are a few people that would like to change me.

What would happen if I just Lived my life and let them live theirs? I decided that might be the best thing for me to do. The same is true, if they would live their lives and let me live mine.

Then, this afternoon, at the French-English conversation group, I was telling a few women how I resigned from a great job with a good income and benefits to follow my passion to Paris. I explained that I realized happiness and joy do not come from large amounts of money and benefits, but it comes from some place else. Some people thought I was crazy to quit a job when the economy was so bad. Then one lady exclaimed, "Florence, when you moved here, you are living your life!...It's your life, Good for you!"

I did not tell her that is exactly what I was thinking about this morning, but I did realize that maybe I am, maybe I can, Maybe I do...."Live and Let Live".

Here are a few photos I took on a stroll through the Tuileries...Just Livin'....

Ahhh, that man looks like he knows how to "Live and Let Live."

Hmm, is that a man's head in her hand?....Live and Didn't Let Live? (Not so good) ....

Approached this statue from the back....hmm, my mind he sliding to home plate? is that a baseball bat? where are their uniforms.... jerseys, ouch, that butt rash is gonna hurt.

Oh, uh...I guess it's not baseball, that's not two men...I get it. (actually I don't) That's not live and let live either...but that's what I'd like to do to some self-limiting thoughts that creep into my head sometimes.

Could it be possible that there is just too much beauty in Paris?
All this on a casual walk back to my apartment. It might be easier than I think to "Live and Let Live" in Paris.

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