Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday Metro, Eat, Shop

Tuesday morning, I have a lunch meeting with Adrian. She tells me exactly which metro stop to get off, but I decide to take a "short cut" and get off at a different metro.

I'm too tired from a long day to write about why it's usually a good idea to take Adrian's advice when out and about in Paris....

But, I did snap a few photos of my day...Starting at the "short cut" metro, then running to the next, and then the next on the way to meet Adrian. I stopped to call her when I was totally lost, as she patiently sat at the cozy Cafe de la Marie on rue St Sulpice, and gave me, rue by rue directions to find her.

During a nice light lunch and a small business meeting, I almost wanted to pinch myself as I sat in the cozy cafe watching the tourist and Parisians pass by realizing that I "Live" here...In I dreaming?

After lunch, we went to take photos of a beautiful apartment that she will manage soon.

Next, on my way back to the metro, I stopped by "La Grande Epicerie Paris" Le Bon Marche, which must be the chicest grocery store in Paris. Extremely overpriced, but I had to shop anyway.

Living in Paris is still my dream and each day, I love it more and more.

The Metro

Not a Shortcut
One of My Favorite Metro Stops - Saint Sulpice

Lunch with Adrian at Cafe de la Mairie

Photo of a Beautiful Apartment

Shopping at Le Bon Marche
Le Bon Marche

Le Bon Marche

The end of a wonderful Tuesday.

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