Saturday, August 29, 2009

No More Conversations with French Men

"Florence, no one does something for nothing." a friend explained about French men.
"He only wants to have conversation with me, on Fridays." I reply
"He's attracted to you and he will want more than conversation..." explained my friend.
"No, he's a nice guy, he only wants to practice his English." I insist.
"How well does he speak English now?" asked my friend.
"Well, actually he speaks English, very well. If you didn't know him, you would think he was American....uh.." I replied, as it dawned on me, hmmm.

"Okay, so if he speaks perfect English, why does he really need you?" questioned my friend.
"Uhh..?" I answered.

"You will see tonight or in a few weeks what his real intentions are..." my friend explained. Adding, "French language is better to learn in a class. Why don't you learn in a classroom?"

Suddenly, I remembered having this exact conversation last year with Adrian about Pierre. I insisted that he was only interested in talking about real estate, since we both owned property. I was wrong.

So, tonight I cancelled my Friday conversations with Luc and will register on Monday to begin formal French lessons starting in September.

Dare I say, I had a boring Friday in Paris?

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