Monday, August 24, 2009

My Favorite Boulangerie

My Favorite Boulangerie

Have you ever met a stranger who seems incredibly nice for apparently no reason at all? As I rushed into a small boulangerie around the corner from my apartment, in the afternoon, I saw that I was too late for the baguettes, they were all gone. It was only 3:00. So I asked in my simple French, "What time do you close today?" the young lady told me in French that they closed at 8PM. I was confused, as I wondered where was all the bread.

Missing pastries too...

As I tried to ask in French , where is all the bread?, she explained to me in English what time they bake the bread and what time I should arrive if I wanted the bread fresh from the oven. She explained that if I arrived even 5 minutes late, there would not be any bread left for me.
Maybe I looked pathetic hearing the possibility of no bread left for me, as she just looked and smiled. She was unusually friendly from the moment I rushed into the bakery. She then asked me what I wanted, and said she would hold it for me, I could return at a half past 5 and she would be sure I could have the bread. Do I look hungry, I wondered. Why is she being so nice to me?

She smiled a sincere smile and asked me if I wanted to come back. I said yes.

A Nice Stranger
When I returned, she remembered me and as promised, she saved some bread for me! This has become my favorite boulangerie in Levallois!

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  1. How coincidental. The bag says "Florentin," which means "of Florence." It was kismet, just meant to be.

    Joyeuse vie, mon ami parisien,