Friday, August 14, 2009

French Conversation with Luc and a Promise

Friday, the weather was perfect as I walked along the Seine to meet my French friend Luc, for our conversation session. Each day I am in Paris, I love the city more and will never get old, because it's already old. For me, it only gets better and better.

On my way to practice my French...

View from the Paris Beach during our conversation session
My French is improving little by little, very slowly. This evening I brought the lyrics to Je Te Promets (the song from yesterday's post) to Luc and said I wanted to learn the words and sing this song. I asked him if he would tell me what the words mean. He looked at the printed page, read the words and said, "These words must never come out of your mouth. Where did you get these?"

What?! Don't tell me Luc is another controlling man that I have attracted into my life., I thought. I told him that I saw the video on French MTV and explained that it's a beautiful song about a girl who is walking away from a mean boyfriend and she's starting a new beginning...
"No!" said Luc, "This woman is a slave to her emotions, she is not free." You must never sing this song.

"Why? are you saying that Luc?" I wanted to know. "Here, right here, these words say: ....and I will not be able to escape from you, even if you do things that will separate us. " he continued to translate the entire song, concluding, "She is blinded by love and he cannot see that she loves him, this is not good. Why don't you find a song with lovely words to learn?"

Hmmm, I wonder if the Universe is trying to tell me something. Luc knows nothing about the men and Love in my life and I knew nothing about the lyrics of the song that attracted me. "Okay, I promise you, I will not learn the song Luc." I said. "No, no, You do not need to promise me. You must promise yourself that you will not...." he replied.
I promised myself.

We talked in French, then English, then French and English into the night...

Walking home...I had a few things to think about...

Paris at Night is so beautiful!

I walked home full of the Promise of a wonderful Life in Paris....

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