Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday Soiree at Patricia's New Home

A beautiful Sunday evening. Actually the entire day was perfect weather, however, the quiet days of early August summer have ended as so many of the Parisians have returned from their summer vacations. The streets are filled with traffic, sidewalks and cafes are packed again.

It's amazing how calm the city was for the past few weeks. My first August in Paris, something I was looking forward to experiencing. That's one goal I can now check off my list of things to do.

Patricia is in the middle of renovations and moving into a beautiful apartment next to Notre Dame. Tonight was the first Soiree in her new place. It was another amazing party, new faces, new friends...I took a few photo's on my way...

Landmark - Notre Dame

Can you magine using Notre Dame as a landmark in telling guest how to find your new home? This is now a landmark for finding Patricia's home...sometimes I have to pinch myself.
Am I really still living in Paris, visiting a friend who lives just steps away from the Seine and Notre Dame? or did I just fall asleep at my cubical staring at all the pictures of Paris taped to my computer?

On the way to Patricia's I have to find a bakery to pick up some bread...

After buying two baguettes, now looking for her new home...somewhere around here.

Patrica's new neighborhood...
The dinner party, conversation and music was so interesting...I completely forgot to take pictures. We didn't leave until after midnight!

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