Friday, August 7, 2009

French, Muslim, African and American Men

FRENCH MEN: French men (that I know) appreciate the femininity of a woman. They love it when we wear high heels, stockings, short skirts, show cleavage with low cut blouses, (even in the winter) and the scent of perfume.

MUSLIM MEN: Muslim men (that I know) ignore women, unless they are interested in marrying the us. They will not allow their potential wife to wear short skirts, show cleavage or any skin at all. Perfume is unnecessary.

AFRICAN MEN: African men (that I have met) like women...any kind of woman that is kind, it seems.

AMERICAN MEN : American men(some that I know) seem to wonder what all the fuss about femininity is really all about anyway.

I can no longer define the kind of man I'd like to share my life with. Maybe now, I will start to define the kind of women I would like to be -- to share my life with me.

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  1. Ah, there is no perfume so sweet as a self-assured woman.