Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Nice Day

This morning started off nicely with sunshine, scrambled eggs and toast (don't need the carbs).

My American Breakfast

Much better day today than yesterday. I woke up and kissed the new day which was filled with possibilities.
I wrote down my new Action Plan and got started right away.

My new basic Action Plan: "Finish 2 Projects each Day."
Taking baby steps now, this is a doable plan to get me back on course from aimlessly drifting for the past month since arriving in Paris. Now I have more Focus, direction, and purpose. I cannot turn my back on the realities of life; things I must accomplish for my own true purpose of living. Next I will work on ENERGY.

After I finished two projects, I went to the side streets of Paris, to get my hair twisted, then met a friend for drinks and dinner...ate too much Pasta...carbs, carbs, carbs.... Too tired to blog any longer...will continue tomorrow...

Drinks with a Friend in the Ritzy, Fashionable 16th Arr

Pasta Pa Pa has THE BEST Pasta dinners in Paris

(first Italian Restaurant I've been to in Paris)

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