Saturday, October 3, 2009

Afternoon in the South of France

Elisabeth and her husband own a very cozy condo nestled in the trees on a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean in a town called Carry Le Rouet. Elisabeth is an entrepreneurial woman and Adrian's partner in Parler Palor: She is the one who was so kind to invite me to her home for a few days. A nice retreat away from beloved Paris.

When she was around my age, she had a goal of owning an apartment in Paris and a farmhouse in the French countryside. She never imagined owning a home overlooking the Mediterranean. Now she has her apartment in Paris, and her farmhouse in the country. She said, this place overlooking the Mediterranean was just a bonus.

During lunch, I assumed she 'married well' to become successful, but as we talked more, I learned she acquired her real estate by her own means (we have that in common) without the help of any man, including her husband. She's an independent smart and kind woman.

As Pierre is constantly calling my cellphone, I don't answer. Instead I listen to her story and advice. She's now married to a man 2o years older than her. She warns me, "If you marry Pierre, you will become his nurse!" I believe her as I watch her patiently take care of her husbands needs.

Her and I shared a wonderful afternoon in Carry Le Rouet and after our conversation, I decide I'm never going to marry! At least not today, tomorrow or next week, and most definitely...probably not Pierre.

For now, Today I'll enjoy this time spent in wonderful company feeling like a 'local' on a Saturday afternoon in small town overlooking the Mediterranean sea.
Enjoy your today!

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