Sunday, October 25, 2009

Angelina's with Roger


Sunday afternoon with Roger was delicious. This is our last rendezvous 'date', before he returns to the States. We met at Angelina's Cafe, a traditional Parisian cafe located on Rue de Rivoli, just past the Louvre.

We enjoyed a relaxing breakfast/lunch, sharing a carafe of Angelina's famous African Hot Chocolate, called 'Chocolate L'African', mini pastries, croc monsieur, and a small salad.

Angelina's is well known for its delicious hot chocolate, which I must agree is the absolute best I've ever tasted. La Couple moves to a close 2nd place. Angelina's was also a favorite of Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and (Britney Spears?!).

After having lunch with the French for the past few months, watching Roger pick up the croc monsieur (grilled ham and cheese sandwich) with his fingers, instead of using a knife and fork actually made my heart skip a beat, as I thought, "Ah, what a man!, What an American Man!"

I like a man that eats like a man. I really like this man.

A Man I Like...

The French seem to eat everything with a fork and knife. I'm sure they would eat olives with a knife and fork if the table were set during cocktails.
Roger is a real man, sitting in front of me sharing a wonderful Sunday afternoon. I want more hot chocolate and I want more of him. He pours me more chocolate.

Delicious Hot Chocolate shared with a Delicious Man


  1. "I want more chocolate and I want more of him. He pours me more chocolate" -- Now THAT's sensuous blogging! Better copyright those words or they're sure to end up in some romance novel or the other.

    He's a really handsome guy, eh? *Sigh* Can't wait 'til my boyfriend gets grey hair. lol

  2. Yes, sharing Angelina's hot chocolate with a man in Paris is a very sensual experience, worthy of a whole page (or two)in a romance novel! Thanks for reading.