Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dinner at L' Ambassade d' Auvergne

The menu (carte) is also online at the link below

Wednesday night after French Lessons ended at 9PM, we headed off to L'Ambassade d' Auvergne for second seating dinner reservations.

Eric, my Parisian "Food Guide", and a friend from the Saturday French-English Conversation Group has volunteered to show me where the 'Real French' people eat with their 'Real French' friends. It became more apparent to me, that although the French are beautiful people, sometimes what they eat is not so beautiful to me. (Warning: Be careful what you ask for.)

After starving myself through the evening French lessons, I thought I could pretty much eat anything, including, "Millefeuille d'aubergines & chevre frais au miel de montage" for starters. This was some sort of eggplant appitize, which actually wasn't bad.

Still I wondered why a girl who likes Mexican food and McDonalds would think she had an acquired taste for Authentic French food.

Next, we had "Magret de canard roti & aligot" which was also pretty good for my first time ever eating Roasted Duck Breast and some kind of cheesy garlic potato something...

The red wine amazingly complemented everything that was served.

Lastly we had dessert (of course). Mousse au chocolat, Soupe de rhubarbe a la menthe fraiche, Compotee de myrtilles & glace gentiane. I'm still not sure why we had three desserts, but dessert in Paris is always wonderful.

All in all, Dinner at L'Ambassade d' Auvergne was excellent experience.

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  1. I'm catching up and am reading about a dozen of your posts tonight. I am glad you liked this resto, but I wish your host had told you a bit about aligot and why it is special. Your desserts sound interesting, but as you wrote, what dessert in Paris isn't wonderful? Happy to follow your posts...thank you for diligently posting even though many of us lurk without comment.