Friday, October 16, 2009

How to be Happy.

This chilly Friday morning sitting next to my window in a cozy corner of my apartment, drinking coffee and watching Parisians on the street below. I'm happy and content on the inside and stop for a moment to ask myself "why?"

As I look around inside my tiny apartment, I ask,"Why am I so happy here?, Why do I feel happy in this moment?" The answer comes, as if announcing the title of the next blog entry, "How to be Happy - Don't dwell on the Negative."

"Wow!", I thought as the word dwell, rang a bell in my head. Sure, bad stuff happens, I can't deny or ignore that, but then I dwell.
A movie started to play in my head: A 'friend' gives me a piece of candy to try. It looks good, so I put it in my mouth. It's sour, bitter, and disgusting I realize as my lips pucker up and my face becomes distorted. My friend laughs and says, "Don't spit it gets sweeter." As I pucker and frown even more, I taste the meaning of "dwelling on it." I immediately spit it out and everything is fine.

Dwelling on the negative in Life is like keeping the sour candy in my mouth, (all day long) when I can freely spit it out. Why would I choose to walk around sucking on it all day?

I've began to purchase and accept from my friends and others only the 'good stuff', the really good stuff. I've began to dwell on the good stuff and spit out the sour.

How to be Happy? - Don't dwell on the Negative.


  1. Oh, this is even more coincidence! My pastor's radio program is called "Dwelling Place."

  2. That is beautiful. Sometimes reading things at just "that" moment is all you need to keep on moving. Thanks for the lift. I am constantly thinking about the negative aspects of life and take very little time for positive. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks for your comments. I have to remind myself not to dwell on what's wrong, but focus instead on the good stuff, no matter how small. I've started doing this everyday now. And I have to remember to hold only stuff from others that makes me feel GOOD! Thanks again!