Thursday, October 22, 2009


It was over. "I'm done with wanting to wear designer clothes and attending fancy Parisian soirees and events." I thought to myself almost two weeks ago.

"I am finished with you." I tell him now, over the phone. "No, no." he replies. "I will be outside in 5 minutes." he continues. "Outside where?" I ask. "Outside of your school." he says.

This week, I've started taking French lessons twice a week, so I wonder how will I really have time to live, love, work, play, shop, eat and hang out with friends in Paris? Did I mention work?

"Oh.Ok." is the only thing I say to Pierre as I hang up the phone.

We have lunch:

Steak, potatoes and a small salad, with a glass of wine.

"I am afraid to fall in love with you." he tells me over lunch. "That is why our relationship is difficult." he continues. I laugh in my mind at the words as I wonder how many women's eyes he's looked into with those words rolling out of his mouth, dripping with a soft romantic french accent. I smile and say (very slowly), "Pierre, I-Am-Finished."
His expression turns to concern, "With your food?" he asks in the same sincerity.

He can always make me laugh. "No. With you!" I tell him, knowing he does not believe me.

He orders dessert immediatly:


I love Dessert!

"Here are two tickets for you." He says pulling out printed tickets and a brochure from his wallet. "You won't go with me. It is impossible. So here, take them." They are for a concert. I read them slowly, wondering if Roger (a very nice man) would like to go with me. "Thank you." I say in sincerity.

As he slowly hands me both tickets, he asks, "You will go?" "Yes." I reply (thinking of another man). He quickly reaches over to take one ticket away. I blink my eyes. "You will only need one." he says. (Once again, I am reminded that he's so much older and more clever than I am. I feel trapped.)

"Then I will meet you there, but I will be 30 minutes late, so you must go to the seat, here, Orchestere, section B-12." He tells me in French and English combined.

"What just happened?", I ask myself as the bubble above my head holding 'a very nice man' pops.

"Let's go, I will make you coffee at my apartment." he says, before I can figure out the previous scenario. "Okay." I reply.

Outside in the fresh air, I regain my focus. "Thank you for the lunch, but No, Pierre. I cannot join you for coffee. I have to go back to my apartment." Like a child, he starts to yell in the street. "You are STUPIEED! STUPEED!" then turns with his elbow out towards me to escort me to his apartment. I look at the audience of men and women beside me, as they watch and wonder, what I will do.

Standing on the busy sidewalk of Paris, I don't have a reply, except, "Pierre?!" I say..."You are Stupid, an Impossible woman!" he yells at me. I wonder if they understand? I think about the audience as they watch me along with Pierre, now waiting for a reply.

I smile, just as I see the golden arches of McDonald's from the corner of my eye. "Come inside, go to the ladies room." I hear the arches say. "I have to go." I reply to Pierre with a nervous smile, although from the pit of my stomach I want to cry. I watch him walk in the opposite direction as I walk towards the 'Golden Arches'. I hear applause in my mind, and I smile instead of crying.


  1. Wow, that is pretty emotional. Good for you for walking away and not letting your emotions rule you.

  2. He makes me weak, and he makes me strong. Thanks so much for your comment!

  3. OMG! What an a**hole! I don't know him and I don't know you, but based on what you have written about him: RUN!. He wants to control you.
    Stick with The Very Nice Man and the other nice men who will treat you like the lady you are. A person who courteously crooks their arm for you to lace yours with theirs while calling you "stupid" is a dumb jerk. But you know this already.

    Thanks for allowing me to rant ;)
    *STILL pissed!!*

  4. Um, nobody can "make" you do anything. That is, unless, of course, they have a gun to your head.

    Manipulative control freak is what Pierre is, and you would be better served to avoid him - like the plague.

    A few baubles and trinkets (clothes, tickets, dinners, etc.), even if they are expensive, is not worth it, and not worthy of you.