Friday, October 16, 2009

IKEA, finally.

This Friday afternoon was an adventure (by train) to Ikea to shop for a few basic items for my apartment. Getting to Ikea (without a car) can be accomplished in 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Buy a train ticket for Zone 5 (approx 3 euros). Catch RER B3 towards Aeroport Charles de Gaulle.
Step 2. Get off at Parc des Expositions (one stop before the airport)
Step 3. Follow the signs to 'Bus', where the bus will take you to the Exposition Center where IKEA and others shops are located.

I did it 'solo', (via verbal instructions from Adrian Leeds, of course) so I'm sure anyone who needs a few basic items at great prices, can do it too.

Get off the train here.

Follow the sign to 'Bus', right where those people are standing.

Take a photo of yourself, to prove that you made it.

Open Every day of the week! Thursday and Friday, open late. Also open on Saturday and Sunday. So there's really no excuse not to go.
and yes there's a food court, of course!

The train was very crowded going to Ikea, but the trip back was less crowded and seemed to go a little quicker.


  1. Crap, dollar for dollar, the food court prices are similar to Canadian prices, but that's Euros! Eck!
    Food on the posters look so much better, though. Congrats on showing that not all women are geographically challenged! Or is that the men who refuse to ask for directions? :)

  2. lol! Thanks for your comment! Yeah, I think it's the men...