Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday in the South of France w/ Interesting People

Another beautiful day in the South of France. Does life get any better than this?

I suppose it will if I can manage to get my own doggone business and research paperwork organized for life in Paris. I'm more inspired than ever after hearing more of Elisabeth's success stories over breakfast on the terrace.

I promise myself, when I return to Paris, I will make some progress towards getting my personal finances, goals and real estate more organized.

Maybe if I keep writing about my undone personal 'To Do' list. I will somehow become motivated to get organized since others are reading about my procrastination addiction?!

Meanwhile, I will leave the space below open to post photos I took of our afternoon lunch with a few of Elisabeth's friends, including Charles, an American who owns a vineyard not far from Marseille. He lives in Florida, but will be back in January to bottle the 2001 grapes. Today I learned that the older vines would never be cut down to build on the land, since the older vines produce the most valuable grapes. Valuable grapes?!

(Photos from afternoon lunch, dessert and seaside drinks)

I continue to meet more and more amazing people since I've left my cubical to follow my dream.

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