Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween in Paris

Moans and groans could be heard from several blocks away as crowds gathered in the streets on rue de la Verrerie to investigate the commotion. The sounds of pain, agony, despair...and screams!...were getting louder.

The crowds grew dense, which even included local media capturing the sights and sounds.
Getting a closer look, the streets were filled with an approaching mob of the living dead in Paris.

Zombies covered in blood had taken over rue de la Verrerie on this Halloween afternoon creating a slow parade drudging along the street...with the exception of a few hungry zombies straying off the apparent parade route to chase unsuspecting human spectators and tourists in an attempt to capture a quick snack of an arm or foot (including my own!).

They seem to have come from nowhere and disappeared down the road, perhaps living beneath the cobblestone roads of Paris only to return next Halloween.

Although they may all live beneath the streets of Paris, it's still a beautiful city, even on Halloween.

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