Thursday, October 22, 2009

Drinks and Dinner with Emilie

A wonderful evening with my French roommate from last year. (Not the same Emilie from Saturday's French-English Conversation Group).

Emilie is a cool 'non-typical' French girl, who smokes cigarettes that she rolls for herself. Every time we meet, I feel 'more french' as first we stop at a cafe around 5:30 or 6 PM, for drinks and a light snack. We sit outside, talking, laughing and watching the people walk past. (Parisians, tourist, businessmen, women, Africans, Asians, Americans, British....they all walk past.)

Here is were I learned a new secret to attracting men. It never fails that each time I am sitting outside a cafe with Emilie, 2 or 3 (at least) attractive French men approach our table, and speak to Emilie in French. They exchange a few words and 'Voila', Emilie pulls out her little blue lighter and places it in their hands. This happens,(no kidding), every single, solitary time, without fail!

So tonight, I told Emilie, I will go out and buy the most shiny sparkling, attractive lighter I can find, and place it on the table as I dine around Paris. Who knew, so many attractive men in Paris, walk around with no lighter?! hmmm....I wonder. (it's a pity they do smoke though)

After a few drinks, a little blurred vision, and no sense of direction, we walk somewhere towards dinner, which can start anywhere between 7:30 and 9;30PM.

Tonight, we've decided on a recommendation by Antonio, "Anahuacalli" - Especialidades Mexicanas. Another outstanding Mexican Restaurant in Paris close to the river Seine.

You can check out "La Carte" (menu) here and drool:

Mexican is also one of Emilie's favorite foods. After more beer, French-English converstation, laughter and delicious Mexican food, there's absolutely no room for dessert as another great evening in Paris comes to an end.

As we are walking home, across the bridge, Pont de la Tournelle, another pair of attractive men approach us with a question in French. I look at Emilie as she says something softly while searching inside her purse. They are both watching her, as I watch both of them. To my surprise, Emilie pulls out a tissue and hands it to the tall attractive young French man. We laugh as she say's she thought they were going to ask for a lighter too!

Hmmm, it might be a good idea to buy a small package of tissue to go with the shiny new lighter. Dinner with Emilie is always wonderful.

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  1. Parabens pela página, e pelo seu bom gosto.

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