Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paris Lingerie

Crazy Horse Lingerie
Crazy Horse at Printemps

The finest brands of lingerie are on now on display in the Printemps (department store) shop windows lining the Boulevard Haussmann.

The chic and sophisticated Paris Crazy Horse dancers (all selected as dancers with the exact body proportions) are a public tribute to the female form and are scheduled to perform as part of the live window display!

The dancing sensations, will perform their classic Changing of the Guard routine, with traditional Crazy Horse staging and decorations, in the windows on Thursday night at 9 pm.

French lingerie is truly a Parisian woman's Secret, which I love. I am inspired to, once again to get fit and slowly but secretively transition my 'boring' lingerie wardrobe into Parisian Lingerie, all for me.

1 comment:

  1. I remember watching in fascination as 2 of my friends unrepentantly indebted themselves by stocking up on lingere from Printemps. They both said they probably could never afford to return to Paris, so they were making the most of the moment. They were right. lol. I have returned, but I've managed to resist the lure. My Canadian dollar has a heart attack whenever I enter the doors of Printemps! :)

    Haven't seen "Crazy Horse", but I wonder how it compares to "Moulin Rouge"... They sure are sexy, though...