Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunshine in Paris, with a Very Nice Man.

I like a man who asks, "Why would anyone want to intentionally, say something to hurt a person's feelings?"
I like a man who says, "Even if a woman may be wrong, I don't have to be right." and then he adds, with a nice smile, "We will find out together, if she's wrong."
I like a man who says, "Hold on tight."

The light shines on a few things.

Sometimes I say things that are hurtful, when it comes from a hurt place within.
Sometimes, even when I'm wrong, I want to be right.
Sometimes I let go of the things I need to hold tight.

This afternoon, I shared the sunshine with a very nice man in Paris.

Lunch at one of my favorite restaurants-Au Petit Boulevard

French 'Lunch' Ham & Cheese Omelet, fries and a small salad. The best of Breakfast and Lunch!

A Very Nice Man

A few very nice Desserts

A very nice view

Wish you could have joined us for dessert this afternoon.


  1. You look as though you had another beautiful day! And who is this 'nice man'?'re glowing lol.

  2. I agree. You guys look very happy and I think I see feathers sticking out the side of your mouth, Sylvester. :D

  3. He reeeallly is "A Very Nice Guy." be continued?! Who knows?? Feathers? What! You crack me up! Thanks again.