Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Finally posted all the photos from last weekend on the blog. You'll have to scroll back to 1 October to view the new photos...Life is sometimes hard enough to keep up with, much less posting photos of life on a blog, but I will continue to blog for my first year in Paris.

Wednesday, now back in Paris, I realize that Pierre was calling on Saturday while I was away because he wanted to take me to Givenchy (Paris fashion show) on Sunday, 4 October.

We missed the show, but spending time with a few great people in the South of France meant so much more than one show.

Before leaving for Marseille, Pierre and I went shopping and there were a pair of Givenchy shoes, (numbered 6 of 200) reserved in my size.

Who knew designers made limited addition shoes, with tiny gold numbered plates under the arch on the bottom of the shoe?! Who knew? Now that I think about it, my military combat boots did have their own serial number.

While shopping with Pierre, he has made it clear that if he dresses me, he is 'obliged' to undress me. (Yeah, I know. No comment...Marilena and Kristin.) I tried on the shoes and the dresses and even the handbags, but have not gotten to the point where I can allow him to buy me anything over 5,000 euros.

So, when we shopped last week, I dressed myself by myself, although the Parisian boutique owner took it upon herself to undress me as I came out of the fitting room with Givenchy blouses buttoned too far up (not exposing enough bra lace) and skirts not pulled far enough down on my hips. For a moment I knew what a model must feel like having clothes pulled, tucked, tightened and untightened as she stands there in silence. I only stood silent and smiled because my French is still not very good.

Fashion week ended just as we returned to Paris, which is probabally a good thing. Elisabeth warned me that high fashion can become addictive. I believe her, and Givenchy will have to wait until Spring.

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