Monday, November 30, 2009

Barbecue in Paris?!

Mmm Good.
A phone call to the States goes somewhat as follows, "Hello, what are you going to do for Thanksgiving?" I ask.
"I'm going to have some barbecue." my friend replies.

A few days later, my phone rings, and it's my friend. "Did you have a Thanksgiving barbecue?" I ask.
"It was nice, but I did not have any barbecue." my friend replies.
The next day, we talk again. "What are you doing tonight?" I want to know.
"I'm going to go to a barbecue restaurant." my friend replies.

It must have been subliminal programing, because I woke up craving barbecue in Paris. Who thinks about barbecue in Paris? Does it exist? Thanks to conversations with my friend, I had to find out.
A great slab of barbecue ribs, were discovered in Paris and they were finger lickin'! So much for fancy French dining.

Where can you find Barbecue Ribs in Paris if you ever really need some?: Indiana Cafe.

Ribs in Paris, Cozy Corner (inside), good book, I'm in Heaven.

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