Sunday, November 29, 2009

Paris Brocante (Part 2 of 2) The Good Stuff

The "Good Stuff", in my opinion.

Stand here, inhale the aroma of saute onions and grilled smoke sausage.

Inhale. Warm and Spicy, loud onions.

Smell the fresh baked bun, juices, onions, sausage, in harmony.

Smells as if this bread were baked under the tent. Still warm, Inhale.

This wonderful mix of meats and spices greets you 2 blocks away.

Feel the warm steam and the soupy, spicy smell.

Different aromas make a wonderful melody of smell in the cool air.

Although I did not eat any of the Brocante 'Food Stuff', the wonderful aroma that filled the air inspired me to grill some sausage and onions once I returned home. Ah, just the smell was a wonderful accent on an overcast rainy day.


  1. Oh yum! All that looks so good! Maintenant j'ai faim !

  2. The food really was the best my opinion!