Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Lunch, Dance, Drink and Dinner in Paris

My friend Phil is a professor at Harvard who also lives part time in Paris. Needless to say he's an intelligent 'Brotha', I admire and respect. I love listening to what he has to say, talking and laughing with him.

Paris is full of interesting people. We first met at Alliance Francais, Paris (language school) last year in the cafeteria when he pulled out the same (somewhat unique) American credit card as one I have. I couldn't let him finish paying for his lunch without mentioning that I had the same card. It was not Bank of America and seriously, it was not a pick-up line, but we've been friends ever since.

Finally this Sunday, November 22nd (my older sister's birthday) we have the opportunity to meet for Lunch at Cafe Le Depart-St. Michel, a 24 hour cafe-restaurant on the left bank of the Seine, next to Pont St. Michel, overlooking Ile de la Cite & Notre Dame.

For the first time, I order the traditional French rustic-style Beef Bourguignon. (coincidentally I find out later, my sister is cooking a similar beef in wine dinner for her birthday in Vegas).

We enjoy a wonderful lunch and he invites me to afternoon dance lessons afterwards. I love to dance, can't dance well, but thanks to Phil, now there's hope.

Lunch in Cafe Le Depart-St. Michel

This is what the Parisians do for lunch.

After Lunch stroll through the Latin Quarter on our way to Dance Lessons

Latin Quarter on Sunday Afternoon.

After lunch and dancing for hours with Phil at La Station Danse, I promised to meet Eric for drinks and dinner. Sometimes I wish I could schedule my calendar a little better to fit in some time for rest.

Eric and I meet later in the evening for drinks and more conversation about French life, French Culture, French wine, French Food, French men, French school...I'm interested and fascinated by it all.

Meeting for drinks at La Bucherie before going out to dinner.

"Don't order any alcohol." Eric advises, 'It's not good for your cough." I order a hot cranberry juice cocktail with cinnamon, orange and spices. Perfect choice for the start of the evening.

The inside La Bucherie bar area.

After having a drink (with no alcohol), we leave for dinner. Eric and I are still exploring traditional French cuisine from different regions of France. The place to explore tonight is Cafe de L'Est.

Dinner at Cafe de l' Est


...yet another traditional French plate (looks a little kinky huh?) but was actually delicious!

We ate so much, there was no room for dessert. I'm beginning to think this exploration of traditionally French restaurants might not be such a good idea for my weight as the food gets better and the portions are getting bigger.

Maybe next week there will be more dancing, less lunch, less drink and a petit dinner.

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