Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Few Photos After French Class Tonight

Still not feeling too well, but I couldn't miss another night of French lessons. I think the school has a strict policy on absentees, and I already missed Monday night. So to make the evening interesting, I took a few photos on my way home from class.

Who takes photos of absolutly nothing to share on a blog? Answer: Me. Paris is such an amazing city, I could find taking a photo of a cardboard box fascinating. (maybe I have a fever?)

The School, Lutece Langues is on boulevard de Sebastopol

Every week I pop in and out of the Metro at Chatelet
Every week I walk on the people mover
(tonight I just stood still)
Maybe I should have bought a few oranges from the underground produce man
I could use some Vitamin-C right now

One more metro transfer, and I'm home.
Not sure if I'll study much French in the next few days, but I will get plenty of rest to get over this cold. cough, cough, hack, hack...that's my post for the evening.

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    Hope you feel better soon!