Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good Food with Florence (part 2 of 3)

My "new French friend" Florence, chose the historic Brasserie/Resturant named Bouillon Racine in the 6th arrondissment for our lunch. The Bouillon Racine is a famous brasserie created in 1906 in a fabalous Art Nouveau decor, which of course still exists today.

The brasserie is now listed as an historical monument.

Beautiful, ritzy, Parisian Art Nouveau Decor (friendly flirtatious waiter included)

Good wine! and Good soup!
"Look! Take a picture of the chestnut for your friends." Florence insists.
Roasted Duck! So French, So tasty!

Good friends, good wine, good food, and good conversation makes Paris (or any place for that matter) a wonderful place to be.

Where's the dessert, you ask? We skipped dessert and went for a cup/small pitcher of hot chocolate at a different brasserie where we met up with Adrian Leeds and her readers for the afternoon Apres-Midi.

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