Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday, Getting Better

Almost noon, still in bed. My phone rings from beneath the pillow:
"Hellooow?". Is my standard croak.
"Oh Florence, are you okay? I'm just calling to check on you." my friend says on the other end. Thank God, she gave me some cold medicine earlier in the week to help fight this cold. She's concerned.

"I'm getting better. Thanks" I reply.
"Did I wake you up?" she asks.
It's almost noon, and I answer, "Yeah, I'm just trying to get as much rest as I can."

"Okay, go back to sleep. I'll talk to you later." she says.
I go back to sleep.

My pillow vibrates, then rings.
"Elloow?" I moan, thinking it's kinda nice hearing that my friends are concerned. Kinda like when I got all of mom's attention as a child when I was sick.

"Oh, oh, you don't sound very well." my friend replies.
"Ugh, I'm getting better." I groan.

"Ah, well, but I don't think you are well enough to go to dinner tonight?" he asks.
"Oh no." I laugh and cough at the same time.

"What about the conversation group tomorrow; Are you going to be there? he wants to know.
"No, Elisabeth is going to take over for me, and Adrian is in Egypt." I explain.

"Okay, I will check back with you on Sunday. Get your rest." he says.
"Okay. Thanks." I reply.

I'm getting better, but I need more rest.


  1. Oh wow! VERY attentive! :D

    You are rich in friends. Hope you get well soon.

  2. Je vous souhaite un prompt rétablissement