Saturday, November 7, 2009

Instructions from the Egyptian Desert

An Egyptian Desert

Only Adrian Leeds can find a cellphone signal in the middle of an Egyptian desert, as I see her phone number appear on my cell phone. She's vacationing in Egypt right now. I answer enthusiastically, trying to hide the fact that I'm sick. What good is a sick "Executive Assistant" when you're calling from Egypt?

"Ohmygod, I can't believe I got a signal from the middle of the desert!" is the first thing I hear after answering her call. "Wow! How's it going?" I reply. "You would not believe all the people staring at me talking on the cell phone in the desert, they can't believe I have a signal out here!" she sounds elated, as I wonder what my instructions will be.

"Okay, listen, before I lose the signal..." she begins, "I need you to make sure you are checking our email accounts, X, Y, and Z. We can't let anything slip through the cracks. Did you take care of Ms. M's call? You have to make sure you let J know what's going on with apartment K, and make sure you follow-up with Mr S at apartment P. Call Ms T and let her know that I do not have email access and she will need to get in touch with B if she need information about the account. If you need help call Ms M. But make sure J knows everything that's going on...." I interrupt, "I just told everyone you were gone and would be back next week."

"No, no, you can't just tell them, you have to follow-up." she explains, then continues, "I won't have email access for the next few days, so make sure you let Mr R know to get in touch with M to let her know about the transaction we were working before I left. You saw the email on that, right? and don't forget about appointment B. You need to be there. Do you have any questions?" she finishes. "What's the password for email account Z"? I ask. "I'll send it to you from my hotel." she says as the signal fades just as we say good-bye.

Adrian Leeds in Egypt

I call J to make sure he knows everything that's going on per instructions from the Egyptian Desert, cough and sneeze a few times, then roll over to go back to sleep for another hour.

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