Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pleasure, Laughter and Fun

Sometimes when bad things happen, I can easily think 'nothing' gives me pleasure anymore. A small voice reminds me, "Think about all the things that use to give you pleasure. Then go for a walk."

Pleasure, laughter and fun is a reminder of how much life is really worth living.

Then I remember, I love reading, writing, drinking a 'good' cup of coffee, or even better; a 'good' cup of hot chocolate (with a nice man at Angelina's cafe). I begin to smile.

I love a good recipe that's simple and delicious, a great conversation with a few good laughs, a walk in the park, looking at trees, with the colorful fall leaves crunching under my feet. Pleasure, laughter and fun fills my mind.

I love chocolate and I love Paris.

Then I go for a walk, as the small voice suggested and along comes a "Chocolate Truck" dropping off a few girls on the sidewalk to give away free chocolates.

Is this all in my imagination? I smile when I am offered a few pieces of free chocolate in. My list of pleasure, laughter and fun begins to grow longer.

Unexpected free chocolate is added to my list of pleasure in Paris.

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