Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Good Friend Florence (part 1 of 3)

"What?!? You don't know the fountain of St Michel?" my French friend with the same name, (Florence) asked me with shock in her voice. She decided that this would be the easiest place for us to meet before lunch.

"I know the church, but I don't know the fountain." I explained.
"How can you not know?" she quizzed me over the phone as we tried to arrange our lunch rendezvous.

"Oh,oh wait! Yes, St Michel fountain! I remember!" I said, as I realized I had actually been thinking of Saint Germain, who also has a fountain, or was it Saint Paul, Saint Surplice or Saint Sebastien?!

We decide to meet at St Michel fountain.

Florence's mother and father were both born in France. Florence speaks perfect English, works with real estate, has a great sense of humor, she's intelligent, single and free. She loves a good laugh and is adventurous. Our friendship is new, but it seems as if we've known each other for years while we have so much in common.

Fontaine St-Michel

"My new French friend" Florence

Winding thorough the narrow streets, laughing and talking in French and English about 'Life'.

Florence has been living in Paris since she was 3 years old, she knows the streets of Paris like the back of her hand. So we walk through the quiet narrow streets (I've never seen before) on our way to lunch.

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