Sunday, November 29, 2009

Paris Brocante (Part 1 of 2) The Junk

After reading the 23 November issue of Parler Paris, It was must to visit one of the many Flea Markets (Brocante) in Paris. I chose to spend Sunday afternoon at the Brocante in the Marais Neighborhood.

Remaining "focused" is one of my primary goals in Paris. Today, the focus was on finding one picture or painting for my apartment.

There was so much "Junk" (my personal opinion, no offense intended). Although one man's trash is another mans treasure, it all made my head spin, followed by a headache. I get a headache now just looking at all the photos I took. Sorry, I can't look at the photos long enough to add captions.

People indeed find treasures hidden within the Paris Brocate. I did not find a picture or painting for my apartment, instead I found a wonderful headache.

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  1. We stayed in the Marais district, how did we miss this?? So happy we did though! lol.. sorry :)