Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Single and Sick in Paris

Usually I love the idea of being single and free, flying solo through life, like the American bald eagle, or the Lone Ranger. (Okay, the ranger had his horse, but you get the point). I cherish being single, free and independent.

My mother taught me well, to BE independent and I love it, except at times like this when I am sick! Today I have a cold. Being sick and single in Paris sucks! Maybe its selfish, but now is the time I want that 'special someone' to be near, just to tell me that everything will be okay and someone cares.

I won't dwell too long on being single and sick, instead it will be better to focus on being grateful for a good friend who gave me a supply of Alka-Seltzer cold and flu gel capsules, that she brought from the states. And another French friend who demanded I go to the pharmacy and ask for "Euphon" for my sore throat, and yet another French friend, who scribbled,"Dolirhume (noir/matin)" on a piece of paper and told me to take it to the pharmacy right away. I will also focus on one other friend who supplied me with more American 'drugs' with labels I can read.

I certainly have more than one single medication to choose from on the road to recovery, as well as a few great friends who show that they care. Hmm, although I'm sick, maybe I'm not so single in Paris after all, and being sick in Paris shows me that I am surrounded by wonderful people, who show that they really care.

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