Friday, November 20, 2009

The Nicest Thing...

"Hello, I'm sorry. I am really too tired to go out to dinner and a movie tonight." I explain to Eric.
"Oh, it's okay. How did you enjoy Le Beaujolais with your friends last night?" he wants to know.
"That's the problem. I stayed out too late (cough, cough) and I had to work early this morning. Now I'm exhausted". I tell him.

As he hears my still lingering cough from the R2D2-N1H1 illness I've had for 3 weeks now he replies concerned. "Oh, you still have a cough? Did you go and see a doctor as we talked about last week?"
"No. I'm not really sick, it's just a little cough." I reply.

"On Monday, I will make an appointment for you to see my doctor. He is near your neighborhood and he's very good. I will go with you." he insists.

Aw, that's one of the nicest things to say, I think as I reply, "I'm really not that sick, it's just a cough."
"Yes, but you need to see a doctor, so that you can get better." he again insists. "I will take you after I leave work on Monday." he finishes not expecting a reply. "Okay." I tell him.

Are people really this nice, caring and concerned in "the real world" or is this just my fantasy world of living in Paris?

I took a few more pictures of this dream place called Paris. Christmas is in the air, and goodwill is in the hearts of my friends.

I fall in love with Paris all over again, during the holiday season.

Christmas is in the air, I inhale and smile. Exhale and sigh.
I smell pine, chestnuts, apples, cinnamon and all the soft scents of the season.

Was Pinocchio a Christmas character or is this a Nutcracker?
The flowers say "Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!"

The holiday season now fills the air. Monday I will look forward to seeing a French doctor with a French friend which just seems like the nicest thing...don't you agree?

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