Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Florence and Florence (part 3 of 3)

Sharing time with my 'new French friend named Florence'; I'm not sure which was better, the amazing food or our wonderful conversation about French men, French women, American men, American women, men in general, Paris, history, our hopes, our dreams, our goals, current jobs, past jobs, love, life, family, real estate, the good, the bad and the humor of it all!



The way she screamed in excitement when she saw this 'metro performer", I thought Florence saw Michael Jackson. "Oh! Oh! I can't believe it! He's been here for 20 years! Look! Look! Let's watch!" she insisted.
I could only laugh, as we watched his performance.

"Look!, Watch! You must get a picture of the matches!"

"This man is amazing!" Florence insists.
As busy as our days are with work, errands and appointments, I'm glad we took time from our schedules to meet and share a great lunch and a fun afternoon.

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