Friday, March 12, 2010

Riding on the Coat Tail of Adrian Leeds.

Conversations with Adrian are stimulating, whether we're laughing, arguing, having a serious talk or anything in between. This afternoon's lunch conversation was a mix of everything, and there's always something she says that I can't resist putting in my blog.

Today, we talked more about being successful in Paris, and she shared stories of business owners she's seen come and go in Paris. We talked about the importance of staying in shape when looking for a job! It takes energy and stamina to be successful too!

She talked also about the importance of volunteering and networking.

"I see people networking at your gatherings all the time." I told her.
"Yes. That's great!" she replied.
"So many people are riding on your coat tail." I said. "Including me!"
This is where her next comment surprised and moved me as she replied.
I wondered for a moment why would she think it's good for others to ride her coat tail? I would think it would be a burden or a drag. She finished her sentence as I looked at her puzzled.

"I want people to succeed!" she said with enthusiasm. "I want everybody to be successful, and if they need to ride my coat tail, that's fine." she said as if it were no big deal.

This was just a casual conversation between the two of us and in that moment, I could see just how big her heart truly is. A heart that so many others seem to miss or attempt to take advantage. She honestly wishes the best for so many.

I realize, once more, what a blessing it is for me to have arrived in Paris riding on the coat tail of Adrian Leeds.

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