Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Evening at the Louvre.

As mentioned in previous posts, my amazing friend/mentor Carol is a published author, PHd professor and fluent in 5 languages! Tonight she invited me to another of her presentation sessions at the Louvre with a few of her students from Wells College Study Abroad Program.

It's late right now, and I need some Zzz'z. So I'll just post a few photos of the evening.
It's been a normal day, with the Wednesday French-English Conversation Group, Lunch with a friend and an evening at the Louvre...what more can one ask?

Sorry for any typos tonight, I didn't eat much and the sips of wine are kickin' in.....Zzzzzz.

Carol and a few students.

"Take Notes on this Artist, I want you to study later." Carol tells her students.

I take a quick photo of the Artist's Label to Google Later....No notes necessary!

"Can you see how the statue poses are difficult?" Carol explains as she has her students pose as a Michelangelo sculpture.

"Try Harder." Carol insists as students help with the difficult pose.

Carol and her students.

Once again, I can only say how blessed I feel to be able to share such wonderful experiences in Paris with others.


  1. Another evening at the poor thing! How do you manage? LOL

    Seriously, you're having the coolest time in France & you're documenting it all w/ these amazing pics.
    The Louvre looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Park Ave...I know really...I wonder how I can stand it too. LOL. I suppose it's all just part of following a dream...Glad you like the pictures. Yes, the Louvre is awesome!