Monday, March 22, 2010

Springtime in Paris!

Yeah! It's springtime in and more beauty are starting to pop up everywhere.

Walking in Paris (or anywhere) is a wonderful way to exercise (for free) without going to the gym, track or pilates! Springtime is the best time to Get Fit!

I took a few photos on my 1 (and a half hour...because I got lost) walk.

Welcome Springtime!


  1. hey girl - great conversation today. you really cheered me up. I will definitely start the walking thing...because, its true -- walking in NYC is fantastic also, not as fantastic as Paris..but I'll get there!!
    Look for my later post tonight....

  2. A walk through NYC Central Park in the Spring has to be beautiful (take your camera!) I am so glad you got off the couch and changed your PJ's into "Walking Clothes"! Keep your chin up! (Remember the dance floor in Greece?!Look Up!)

  3. hahah...hilarious. How do you remember that? WHAT??? :-)
    Ok, I finished cleaning the house at 6pm, so I only got in a 30 minute walk AND STARTED my blog. Yea! Thanks, girl for getting me off of my butt.

  4. OMG! I'm so excited for you! There really is "Light" at the end of the tunnel when we don't choose to lay on the tracks. Keep Walking!!
    I'm craving a Lemon Martini to toast you!! Thanks for the great conversation...