Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Conversation with New Friends.

"Don't you get bored going to those conversation groups?" my friend wanted to know.
"No. The conversations are as interesting as the people I meet." I replied.

Each Wednesday we meet at an Irish Pub, in Paris, in the afternoon. What could be boring about that?
Today I've added a few more words to my vocabulary from our French Conversation, including:

Last night - Hier soir
Main Couse - plat principal
Starchy (as in rice, pasta, etc.) - féculents
I will take a snack. - J'ai pris une collation.
I did not eat enough. - Je ne mange pas assez.

Today's conversation about food, travel, and our hobbies was quite interesting.

Inside the Irish Pub.

Marion and Delphene, two very patient French girls who took the time to speak and explain French at my beginner level.
"I'm taking your picture for my blog." I explained as we talked briefly about my blog.
"Non!" said Marion just as I clicked.
Two beginner level French conversationalist. Me and my new friend Ana.
Ana (an American FedEx pilot...recently moved to Paris) just returned from flying in Budapest, Hungary and brought me back several pens because I love to write, and I collect hotel pens when traveling. They don't take up much space and each time I grab one to jot down a note, there's always a pleasant memory.
Now, thanks to Ana, I have about a dozen more great reasons to smile.
Thanks Ana! (she's also a fan of this crazy blog!)

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