Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Evening Concert at Madeleine.

My cell phone rings at 7PM. "Florence, Did you forget?" says the voice on the other end. If anyone uses those three words with me,the answer is usually...Yes!
Honestly, bad memory.
I reply with a 30 second silent pause as my brain searches for clues.

"The concert tonight. Did you forget?" my friend wants to know.

"Uh, oh, yeah, I remember. What time does it start?" I asked.

"It's already started, 7 o'clock. Where are you?"

"Oh, okay, I'll be there. I am at my apartment. " I say, wondering how I am going to manage to shower, get dressed, and catch the metro in 10 minutes.
Luckily my friend has a solution.

"Ah yes, you forgot. Okay, when you arrive, text me, and I will meet you in the lobby."

I am really glad my French friends in Paris seem to go with the flow of my mostly mis-managed life.

We met as re-planned and enjoyed a wonderful concert in the church of Madeleine. I smiled as I admired the beauty inside the church and thought about how nice it felt to be inside a church filled with Parisians on a random weeknight in Paris.

I couldn't resist taking a few photos with my camera set on Silent, No Flash.

Outside the Church Madeleine.

Statue of Christ.

Beauty in the front of the church.

Artful Sculptures. Massive Organ seen leaving the church.
A wonderful concert. Beautiful Music.

I left a few prayers behind for friends, family and my life in Paris.


  1. That does sound lovely. What kind of music was played at the concert - was it only sacred/religious and instrumental music or was anything secular (but tasteful) included?

  2. Good Question Sandra. The music was as beautiful and spiritual as the church, with individual soloist, opera prayer sounding...,piano beethoven type, and a chior. It was all in French. There were also a few poetry readings. I had to ask my friend if we were praying or not. Not, they were poetry readings. It was a nice experice. Thanks for your comment. Hope you are closer to following your dreams.