Sunday, March 7, 2010

Adrian Leeds - Guest Speaker.

One of the largest crowds ever showed up tonight at Patricia's Paris Soiree Dinner to listen to Adrian Leeds present, "HOW TO SUCCEED AS AN 'ALIEN' IN A FRENCH WORLD"

They all came to learn the secrets of success and living prosperously in France.

Adrian is a self-made entrepreneurial American woman (who I have been so blessed to learn so much from). She started with (literally) nothing and in only a few years, not only built a successful business, but a happy and enriched life in the city WE love most -- Paris! She told the story of how she went from the bottom to the top with nothing but a few ideas, hard work and the willingness to take risks. She talked about how anyone can do it, with simply the right attitude! (and did I mention, she said hard work?!)

Adrian Leeds and Rock Star, Kim Bingham.

Me, Nicolas, Charles and Patricia.

Annie Venier ( my new pilates instructor and my 'before' photo) , Michelin, and Nicolas.

Annie Venier is also Adrian's pilates instructor. After admiring her perfect figure, I've decided to start taking session with Adrian's team and Annie. Look at her body! She actually said it's possible to tone up and see results in two months. I've already started eating healthy and jogging, so I guess pilates is the next step. I've set yet another goal to get my body fit!

Success, Friends and Fitness, what a great combination. This was the perfect ending to a wonderful Sunday in Paris.

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