Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A "Girl's" Afternoon.

"Ohhh my gosh! You're married to an Adonis!?" Ana said with excitement after Janet shared the Love Story of how she met her French husband.
"I want to meet his friends!" I said, imagining what the friends of an "Adonis" might look like.

We all laughed as we enjoyed the homemade hummus, fresh vegetarian pizza and the smoothest white wine ever at Ana's beautiful apartment in Paris. Time flew by as we shared an afternoon of girl-talk, laughter, french lessons, hair stories and more!

Paris is filled with interesting, intelligent, intriguing women that I continue to meet. Janet is a former NASA engineer who actually helped design the Space shuttle! (how cool is that!) Ana, is the Fed-Ex pilot surrounded by men, I'm sure! (how cool is that!!). I'm the uh...,Paris Dreamer, who resigned from a wonderful job to follow a Paris Dream ( cool is that?)

Paris Dreamer and Ana.

Ana (Dreaming....) and Janet.

A wonderful Wednesday afternoon with two great new friends.

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