Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday (BIG 4-oh!) to My Baby Sister.

My "Little Baby Sister" Robin turns 4o Today! She prefers to be called my "Younger Sister", but...she'll always be my "Baby Sister"!

Right now she's somewhere celebrating on a Caribbean Cruise with her "petit ami", Kevin.
Nothing in Paris means more today than knowing my Little Sister is having a great time on her Birthday!

Somewhere in the Caribbean.

"Hannah who?" was her reply when we mentioned her beautiful newborn baby girl, left behind with family in Vegas!

"Where's my mommy?"..."Partying in the Caribbean." we say.

Happy Birthday Robin. Live it Up! Hope everyone celebrates their Special Day in a Special Way! (I went to Greece with Mom and Dad...to celebrate my big day!)
Feel free to share your celebrations or plans!!

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