Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally Spending Time at the Paris Museums.

I confess...museums are not my favorite places in Paris, although I've finally made some time with a friend to visit the Louvre and Musee Carnavalet all in one afternoon. Needless to say we only saw the tip of the iceberg in one afternoon and now I am curious to see more.

After a brief overview visit to the Louvre followed by lunch in the Louvre "Food Court". (Yes, there is now a McDonald's inside the Louvre. No, we did not eat there!) We spent the remainder of the afternoon at the Musee Carnavalet.

The Musee Carnavalet, is dedicated to the history of Paris. Needless to say, Musee Carnavalet, is my favorite Paris Musee of the five (so far) I have visited so far while living here.

Looking Outside at the Musee Carnavalet Gardens.

Musee Carnavalet Gardens.

Musee Carnavalet.

Musee Carnavalet.

Musee Carnavalet.

Chambre of Marcel Proust. (French Novelist - "Remembrance of Things Past")

Gallery-Hotel Carnavalet.

Not only is there an abundance of beauty in the streets of Paris, including fashion and architecture, there's so much more beauty and fascinating history preserved inside so many of the buildings.

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