Friday, March 5, 2010

Dior Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear Afternoon.

Fashion Week Paris, began this week, so decide to stop by the Dior Fall 2010 RTW Fashion Show (click to read report) and take a few photos of the afternoon gathering. (Secretly hoping to get inside without an invite. No such luck!)
Standing outside the show, thinking I was tall...I realized, the Dior Models are Tall...reeeeally, tall!
The Dior Models are also insanely Thin...reeeeally, thin! What plant do this women survive on?

I usually feel like my life in in my photos. Today I was the outsider paparazzi of photos.
It was a great experience, but next time, I want the little white card that says, Dior on it to let me inside the gates! Here are a few photos I took of models, designers, and a few famous people I don't know...

An exciting week ahead.

Someone famous.
Another famous someone.
A really famous someone.
A Paparazzi.
Invited Guests.
Okay, Everyone knows Anna Wintour (click photo to enlarge) Editor of American Vogue. Even I mumbled, "Oh, Oh, there's...uh, uh..," "Anna Wintour." the paparazzi standing next to me finished my sentence.
Some models.
An American Model.
Invited Guest.
A model or guest?
An interesting afternoon outside Dior. It was great to be surrounded by so many wonderful looking handbags, coats, shoes and dresses.

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