Monday, March 29, 2010

Café Le Nemours, a Visiting Friend. Does it Get Any Better?

This weekend, my good friend Carrie, from Washington D.C. is visiting Paris. She's in a 9 month study program in Switzerland and decided to come to Paris for the weekend.

We met at her hotel across from the Tuileries, and this was the beginning of yet another...fantastic weekend in Paris! I'm going to stop asking myself if it ever gets any better. Sitting outside at Café Le Nemours, next to Palais Royal and Comédie Française the answer was a resounding..."Yes! Always!".

Carrie's room at the Westin Hotel.

Lunch...She had the Quiche. I had the Chicken Salad.

We sat outside under the heat lamps.
One can't go wrong at this Cafe.
Friends since Y2K, when I lived in Baltimore.

The view.

Classical Music played in the background during our lunch.

Can't help it...I'm still going to ask...does it get any better? Hope you had a wonderful weekend wherever you are and wondering the same thing...


  1. Why does everything, including food, just seem to look better in Paris?! Sounds like you had a great visit with your friend. I'd love to hear more about her 9 month study program in Switzerland - is it through her job or just something she decided to do on her own? What school in Switzerland is she attending?

  2. We hope your friend enjoyed her stay at The Westin Paris. Looking forward to seeing you very soon. In the meantime, join our social scene: Be well

  3. Thanks for your comments. The Westin is a Beautiful Hotel in an Awesome location. We enjoyed the stay, the wonderful breakfast buffet and coffee in the bar!

    Carrie is studying at the World Peace Academy. You can read more on her blog at: