Friday, March 26, 2010

Cremerie Restaurant Polidor after Pilates.

"Let's pig out!" I said to Adrian after our Friday evening Pilate's session.
"Good idea!" she replied.
So that's what we did this Friday night we at Crémerie-Restaurant Polidor. (warning: turn down volume before clicking)

I'm not quite sure which French Restaurant is my number one anymore as this one also tops the list.

Oh yeah, Note to Self: You live in Paris now, Change workout clothes and sneakers at the Pilate's Studio (like all the other ladies) BEFORE going back out on the streets. (a little lipstick and eyeliner wouldn't hurt either...especially with a bad haircut.)

This Friday night of carb consumption after a Pilate's workout was much better than last Friday, eating ham and yogurt at home. Was your Friday better than last week? Let me know...


  1. I just ate at this restaurant over the weekend and loved it! I wanted to share the experience as well and bumped into your blog, which I used one of your photos if you don't mind.

    Et comment se passe avec ton francais? Tu es encore living in Paris? Great city!

  2. Hello Mike,

    Thanks so much for your comment and for letting me know you used the photo. I will check out your blog.

    The restaurant was one of the best, and the movie is an interesting and funny "must see".