Saturday, March 6, 2010

Paris Fashion Week Tickets and an Agenda!

One step closer to actually sitting in on a Paris Fashion Week show! Today I picked up two Invitations to 4 fashion week events. How'd I do it? You ask.

After taking a few tips from the women that surrounded me yesterday, I got dressed in mostly black today, added few quality pieces to an otherwise average ensemble and went to visit the Fashion Federation (controllers of Paris Fashion Week events) at the Louvre. I also brushed my hair a little bit.

As I attempted to walk into the federation location, I heard, "Excuse moi madam, bla-la-la..." something in French. "Uh?" I replied. "Do you have an Invitation Madam? See, like this black envelope." the fashion federation guard asked pointing to the woman behind me eagerly showing her invitation.

"Ahhhh...." I said, trying to think of something brilliant to get me past the entry, as his eyes locked into mine, then quickly scanned my body. First my hair, then my eyes, earrings, necklace, fabric of my coat, bra size, legs, shoes then back to my eyes again. Where do the French men learn to exam a woman so quickly and thorough?

"Ah..." he smiled completing my sentence, "You threw it away? Okay. Come, I will give you another one. Don't throw it away, This one, okay?" he said in one sentence with a French accent, as he escorted me to a reception desk, before I could blink an eye. A young girl guarding a book of names looked up. He said something in French, she smiled, asked for my name and gave me a little black envelope with the letters INVITATION in silver. "Keep this one. It is good for the week at three different locations." "Thank you very much." I replied. "May I bring a friend with this Invitation?" I asked. "No. You must have another Invitation." she replied as she handed me another envelope.

Who says the French are rude? I graciously accepted the second Invitation as I headed home after another interesting day of Paris Fashion Week.

An Agenda Book Schedule of all the Fashion Shows and 2 Invitations.
I also bought a copy of French Vogue, after a friend suggested I get a copy when I confessed that I did not know John Galliano was the designer for Dior. (Did I mention in the Air Force I wore "Government Issue" designed by The Government?)

Fashion can easily become addicting while in Paris. By now, one must understand completely why I love this city!

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  1. this is amaaaazing!
    i'm going on saturday with two other friends! any other tips! x