Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where Would You Like to Visit?

Here's an idea. Comments are open. See below where it usually says 0 Comments :-( ? Let me know if there's any place in Paris you would like to visit via Paris Focus. It's nice to read comments either way.

I'll try to make a short trip for you, capture a few photos and post just for you...Thank you for reading. I wish everyone could enjoy Paris as much as I have...

My "Paris Dream" Self Portrait by Carol at Paris Breakfasts.


  1. Visit the Winter Garden. It's a pretty cool place and you'll want to take a special friend.

  2. OK, my confession is that I have heard SO many stories of great jazz 'n poetry clubs in Paris, yet never know any names or where to go....

    Would love to hear more about any spot in your side of the pond!

  3. Thanks! Great ideas...I'll go for a visit!
    Lots of great Jazz in Paris, a few of the greats performed this past weekend (visit):