Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Almost Perfect Evening for an Almost Middle Aged Woman.

My older sister sent me the video below, the same night my almost perfect evening ended. How could she have known that the video would be a source of comfort for me as I returned home?

The evening started off wonderful, ending with a romantic candlelight dinner (in Paris), and a great carafe of wine. It doesn't get much better for me, but it did get worst.

Just as I was leaving his apartment, I turned around one last time to wave goodbye as I walked down the spiral staircase.

All in slow motion...I looked back and my feet simultaneously moved forward, down the steps together, as the bottom of my leather shoes hydroplane over the wooden steps and became airborne for no apparent reason. My butt headed for the edge of the steps, my left wrist tried to break the landing, without much luck. Wham!, goes my butt on the steps, I turn to look forward as I watch my feet come down from the air along with my hands trying to grasp something, anything. With nothing grasped, I begin to slide down the stairs like a downhill Winter Olympic toboggan, only no toboggan and no snow, just the hard steps and my body...down the spiral steps until finally hitting the landing. Ouch!

I heard the footsteps of my friend running down behind me. He stands in front of me. I pull my coat and skirt down to cover my exposed lace stockings and lingerie. He doesn't touch me, but asks seriously, "Are you okay?" "Yes." I reply in shock. He helps me to my feet, walks up a few steps to get my purse, cell phone and umbrella off the steps, Looks at me seriously one last time, then laughs hysterically.

It wasn't funny to me. My wrist and neck ached all the way home, as I began to think once again about my medical insurance in France and the idea that I should start taking calcium again. I arrived home, checked my email, and received the video below from my sister. She had no idea...or maybe she felt my fall in Paris all the way in Las Vegas. I could easily see from the video, I am not alone. Next time I go out to dinner, I might just skip the second glass of wine. After watching the video, I understand why my friend laughed at this (almost) middle aged woman.

Delicious Romantic Candlelight Dinner.

A Nice Stroll After Dinner.

I am better now and have begun to take calcium (for preventative measure) starting this morning.


  1. Oh my gosh! Are you ok? I love your descriptions - I can see a book in your future. :)

  2. Thanks Kristin, Yes, I am great! My wrist and neck are pain-free now. I must find a source of income soon to support my lifestyle, or I will have no choice except to start the "book project". Email me. I want to know what's new with you and the others.

  3. I'm happy to hear that you've recovered from you spectacular fall! I really like it that you don't do things half-way Florence!!! You go for broke. I like that! Calcium sounds like an excellent idea. I recommend 1000mg/day. Have you considered yoga for balance? Of course after a little wine I have no idea what my limbs are doing. I just hope that all is in synch.

    I have not laughed so hard in my life as when I watched the video!!! Its a keeper.

    Love you blog,
    Ana Maria