Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Discoveries in Paris.

During this morning's jog (yes, running is becoming an addiction since my knee seems to be healed now) I successfully ran past all the beckoning pastries in the Boulangerie windows.

"Come back and pick us up after your run!" the pastries called after me as I glanced quickly at them and clicked a picture. "No thanks." I replied in French.

Oh so tempting.
Jogging through a different part of the neighborhood.

A beautiful neighborhood. Don't you just want to jump inside this photo and go for a walk?

A public track.

A nice and cushy running track!! Oh happy days! My knees say "Thank-you!"
I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I jogged past this public track which is only a 7 minute walk from my apartment! Just like the tracks I've run on during the Air Force Physical Training sessions.

I can still hear all the military guys in my squadron huffing and puffing behind me trying to keep up, like it was yesterday and I still remember the commander saying, "I'll buy lunch for anyone who runs faster than Florence!" He didn't have to buy lunch for anyone that day, although every one's fitness scores improved.

The site of this track brings back so many memories. This might become my number 3 'hang-out' spot in Paris!! I'm sure there's so much more to discover here in Paris.

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